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Hi-Tec's Browser Toolbar is an add-on to the Internet Explorer/Firefox web browsers that allows the subscriber to send SMS,MMS and Video files while browsing the internet. Subscribers can forward any PC or Internet content (Picture, Sound, Video or Text) as an MMS or Video message. Facebook and Tablet interfaces are also available.

Media Toolbar Version:

The Hitec MediaToolbar is an add-on to the Internet Explorer/Firefox web browsers that enables an operator to offer a range of Internet services that most subscribers want: Search, New, Radio, TV, Games, etc, and allows the Operator to offer a mobile counterpart, to the same subscriber that uses the service on the PC. So for example, if the subscriber visits many news sites, you can suggest to him to join a news alert service, or watch the news on his Mobile TV.
The MediaToolbar enables Operators to efficiently make subscribers aware of new Mobile services, creates a PC based mobile community of MediaToolbar users, to which the Operator can offer new promotions, send messages and much more.

Moreover, the Operator gains valuable presence in the subscriber's PC, with his logo, brand and mobile services, which helps reduce churn. MediaToolbar also allows SMS and MMS messaging from the PC, so subscribers can send any Picture, Music, Video or Text from the Internet or PC to mobile phones.


















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