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Voucherless Top Up (e-pin)

With Hitec Voucherless Top Up there is no need for vouchers or fixed POS. Hitec Voucherless Top Up enables mobile subscribers recharge their account without the use of vouchers, they can recharge via agents re-sellers or debiting directly from subscriber bank account. It enables to reduce voucher distribution costs, replacing physically currently used scratch cards with an electronic transaction.

Product description

Hitec Voucherless Top Up is an electronic voucherless solution that allows recharge via a standard GSM handset. IVR, SMS, USSD or WAP can be used. It allows distributors and retailers sell prepaid airtime, through a wider base of mobile agents than is currently possible using vouchers. A new portion of the market can be acceded and the distribution can be expanded into non-traditional retail outlets.

This electronic recharge method links directly with the operator's prepaid system, bypassing vouchers, and enables agents securely recharge cash subscribers using the agent's mobile phone, the topping up can also be done using direct debit from subscriber's bank account.

How it works

A subscriber needs to recharge his call credit, so he approaches a local mobile agent. The later, using his mobile phone enters in the subscriber's MSISDN, the amount, and the agent's PIN. Hitec Voucherless Top Up authorizes the payment from the agent's payment source, and credits the subscriber's prepaid account through a direct link with the mobile operator's prepaid system. The subscriber and the agent receive a confirmation. The subscriber pays the agent, and the agent's account is debited the recharged amount.

When debiting from subscriber bank account is used to recharge a call credit, the subscriber needs to approach a local mobile agent to do the transaction. In this case the agent using a mobile phone enters in the subscriber's MSISDN, the amount, the account number and the subscriber and the agent's PIN. When the bank authorizes the debit, the amount is credit to the subscriber prepaid account. The subscriber and the agent receive a confirmation.

Emergency Credit Payback:

The system is continuously monitoring the prepaid tickets in order to detect when a subscriber with an active loan recharges his or her account. Ehen this happens:

  • - The loan amount is automatically debited from the prepaid account
  • - A fee can optionally be charged for using the service.

The underlined parameters can be easily configured.

Key Benefits Operator
  • Cut operational costs such as vouchers, shrinkage and distribution
  • Remain competitive and innovative
  • Retain market leadership
  • Attract new subscribers
  • Reduces Fraud
  • Low operational costs


  • Easy to use
  • Low value recharges available
  • All value recharges available















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