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USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a GSM service that allows high speed interactive communication between the subscribers and applications across a GSM network. Unlike SMS which is a store and forward based service, USSD is a session-oriented service. The service looks remarkably similar to WAP and SMS, but the benefits of USSD over both WAP and SMS are huge: immediate warranty delivery, easier to use, works while roaming and inexpensive. And the best of all, it is that USSD is already supported by nearly 90% of all GSM networks, and by almost 100% of all GSM handsets.

USSD is becoming widely accepted as the ideal channel for services such as mobile information, mobile commerce, mobile entertainment and any service that requires interaction between the user and the application.

Product Description

HiTec’s USSD Gateway is the perfect turnkey solution for operators, and service providers for providing Value Added Services and customer self-care. USSD may either complement or replace existing SMS services, bringing faster interactive messaging to users. It acts as a gateway between applications and the GSM network.

HiTec USSD Gateway reduces operational costs and increases access speed and delivery of services normally provided thru IVR such as customer self care, prepaid balance enquiry, account reload, language multiple SIM management and even voicemail configurations. Its open XML interface means easier development or customization of existing or new USSD services for application providers, using standard web tools.

Key Benefits


  • We provide the USSD gateway either as a technology building block (standalone module) for system integrators or as a turnkey
  • solution (VAS platform) for operators


  • USSD is already available at their networks, and it is supported by all the GSM handsets. So there is no need for additional investments
  • USSD GW reduces operational costs (unbilled voice calls, IVR maintenance costs)
  • USSD can offer numerous new customer self care applications and secure VAS
  • Increases ARPU by offering interactive services to all your customers
  • Ideal complementary interface to existing information services already running on SMS/WAP
  • Fast implementation of new services thanks to the menu configuration on the server side
  • Inexpensive: USSD already exists in operator networks


  • User-convenient, menu-based direct access from the mobile phone keyboard
  • Fast response time to service requests
  • Worldwide easy access to value-added services using the same dialling sequence
  • Easy handling: service code can be stored on the SIM card (ADN)
  • Open dialogue: interactive applications with predictable response time
  • No additional costs: customer does not need to purchase a new mobile phone to benefit from USSD













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